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Construction Loans

Imagine your business has just won a big contract.

You need to hire more staff, buy some additional equipment and invest in an onsite storage facility.

You must also maintain your obligations to existing staff and customers.

You are a relatively new player in the market and the bank will not increase your business overdraft.

Your new client however, is a large civil construction & engineering company and can be defined as a ‘high quality’ debtor, meaning lower risk to the financier.

You have the opportunity to turn your unpaid invoices into cash (as soon as they are approved), meaning you can get working capital back into your business faster, steadying your cash-flow and allowing you to meet your existing, as well as your new obligations.

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Progress Claim Finance

Civil Engineering Loans

Let’s say your business is working on a large infrastructure project. Your payment terms are 30 days, but your workers are paid weekly. 

Your invoices regularly require chasing and are often paid closer to the 60-day mark with some falling even into 90-days. 

Your business is under significant pressure with cashflow squeezed to the limit as you try to meet your obligations to your employees while chasing payment yourself.  You are frustrated as delays in invoice payments mean that projected chunks of revenue are not coming in and you are constantly needing to take on more debt to stay afloat – effectively you are going backwards.
By using a debtor invoice finance solution your business is able to access the bulk of the capital from your invoices straight away, bringing funds back into your business and smoothing out your cashflow.

You are able to pay your workforce on time, every time without taking on further debt and all without offering real estate as security.

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