Transport Start-up

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Start-up business car loan

⦁ No financials required
⦁ No property ownership required
⦁ 6 Month ABN’s OK
⦁ Available on new and demo cars only
⦁ Sign a statutory declaration stating vehicle is to be used business purposes
⦁ 20% deposit required for all vehicles (subject to vehicle being acceptable)
⦁ Max loan term 48 months with no balloon

Optimised & Industry-ready Solutions

Tradie Vehicle Loans

Get on the road sooner with Berra Finance.
When it comes to helping the working tradesman, no one does it better than Berra Finance.
If you’re a tradie and you’re looking to get a new car loan for a trade vehicle, it can be confusing. We want to make the car loan process as positive and stress-free as possible, and we’re happy to be with you every step of the way.

⦁ New ABN’s OK
⦁ ABN holders only
⦁ No financials required
⦁ No property ownership required
⦁ Available on New and demo vehicles only
⦁ Applicants must provide evidence of qualification

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