About us

We are independent finance brokers who take the headache out of researching, choosing and understanding loans for businesses and individuals. We work on your behalf to find the best possible loan for your situation. We make an effort to view every application as unique, often larger mainstream lenders have rigid policies in place that don’t allow adaptability to these unique situations.

Benefits of working with us

Berra Finance appreciates that your work and personal life can't be easily separated. If you are going to trust someone to finance your future, let it be someone who can manage everything and who understands the complete picture.

We remove the pain, hassle, and stress of trying to find and negotiate the right loan with banks, understanding complex company structures and working out suitable repayment options. We understand finding the right loan can be stressful, time-consuming and complex for many people, that’s why we work hard to make it simple.

Our Purpose

To support our clients by sourcing and delivering the most appropriate products and services relative to their needs. Because our service and our advice are provided at no cost to you, we have to deliver results. We have to provide the right finance if we expect to do business with you. But our expectations are higher than that. We expect to partner with you as you pursue the things in life, and in business, that you desire and that means delighting you every time.

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